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2.41 - "Needs Work" 

Probably not the best, but challenging still. Dealing with airplane movement and reflections in the windows.
As for the story. Flying over Eastern Europe towards the west at 36.000ft.
15 second exposure. Composite of 2 images taken from the same spot, just to blend out some of the reflections that happen in the windows from the flight deck

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unusual shot, but again too much going on in my opinion

oh wow! So, is the sky compsited or in camera?

It's 2 shots combined. both from the same position. The actual shot had loads of reflections in the window from all the lights in the flight deck.
So a second shot was used where I blocked out the lights from the flightdeck, to use and blend/mask get rid of all the reflections in the window.

So a composite for that, but not a full on sky replacement.

I like this picture because it is the most realistic here. The others look like studio photographs. I am a pilot myself so I know how the plane behaves at low altitudes and that makes it almost impossible to get a 1000 sharp image. With your photo you have done a very good job because you convey the feelings too! 4*

Aah thanks for the nice words! Glad you like it!