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2.66 - "Solid" 

A vertical panoramic image of the summer night sky at Alice Lake in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains.

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is this composite? (I have no problem with composites, especially when different parts of a scene need very different exposures) I just noticed the stars on the water have trail, while the ones in the sky do not. Water may need some additional editing to conceal this. Also mountain edges on the left feels unnatural.

Rated a 5 btw. I really liked this image.

Thank you for the comment and the rating. Yes, you are right, the composition is a composite image. I have to admit that I got a bit lazy with the foreground. The image is a pano that required 6 vertical shots for the background, where each of the 6 vertical shots is really 6 shots per image that had to be manually aligned and stacked. The foreground also consisted of 36 images that were stacked into 6 images to achieve a better signal to noise ratio. However, since the background does not move from shot to shot, I did not have to manually align and stack them. I did want to go back and shoot 36 more images for the lake, but by that time the Milky Way had moved too much and I would not have been able to align them properly.