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The Vanishing

Astrolandscape: Jekyll Island, GA USA

Consumed by the beguiling nature of our origins, the relevance of our legacy comes clearly into focus. The lines between astronomy, the politics of conservation, environmentalism, the importance of dark sky and global health coalesce. This, the vanishing remains of some of my last few glimpses at the core in our hemisphere above the horizon during the tale-end of Milky Way season 2019.

The Vanishing
There I dwell, eyes chasing Stars
when all haze is adrift,
towards the illusive, that is both concealing and yet manifests
as the Opus in the sky,
a fountain of stars hanging by light,
an endless search for origin in this season of conjuring
that which quickly vanishes and can never be grasped.
Then lean into me, as the sun is dropping fast and hard,
it’s presence constantly interplaying with a recurring absence.
There, I dwell, where all the day is crumbling scorching, searing.
There, I hunger to stand again in stillness,
swallowed by every infinite hue of night
and meet again among the deer
whose vanishing footsteps sweep
under the dark shadows and branches of cedar, oak and pine.

ISO 5000, 17mm, f/2.8, 20.0 sec
Nikon D850, 14-24mm (f2.8),
Induro CLT303 Classic Series 3 Stealth Carbon Fiber Tripod, Induro BHD2 Ball Head, Exported and Stacked in TIFF, SLS, Edited in PS, and Edited in LR

Kyra V Ray Fine Art Photography

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how do u get the milky way so strong? and so colourful

Has a "Close Encounters" vibe to it.