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2.22 - "Needs Work" 

location: third beach, stanley park, vancouver bc
iso 500
ss 60s

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I recommend removing the watermark, at least in contests. (It did not cause any rating drop in my case, but people will probably judge taking that in to account) If you really want to put one, at least it should not be in a position where all the lines are diverging.

thank you for the comment. i have learned something new again. the reason for the watermark is that it is the very first picture that i really love and that im proud to showcase to everyone. the rest, well just a normal picture.

yea, the watermark is a bit much. I can deal with ones in the corner or something.. but smack right in the middle.. oh no.

As for the image. I feel the colours are a bit much and feel too saturated.

I do like the leading lines of the composition, but would have taken out the washed up grass/plants on the first rock, pick them up, move them out of the frame.

i agree with you, its a bit saturated, the reason for that is because im using a warm sunset preset in luminar 3. it is my first time using it so i tried using different preset. and also i dont know how edit pictures from one software to another. i normally use LR and PS.

this time, i was using L3 for the preset and PS for the watermark.

as for the plants, i was not aware of that until when i got home and start editing this picture.

thank you for the feed back i really appreciate it. ive learned valuable knowledge here