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1.95 - "Needs Work" 

20 second exposure of London, with dodge & burning and a bit of composite between two images in order to make slightly more pano. 24mm, f/6.3

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Solid shot!
Wish there was some more activity in the sky or in the body of water just to really show that this is a longer exposure shot. But thats out of your control.

agreed. It's only the boat in the front that has a long exposure feel to it.

Everything else doesn't really. The water, the clouds, it feels quite static for a long exposure. Even some of the cars on the bridge are visible with barely any movement in them.

It's a good image, and a great view from the shard. But the long exposure element of it could use some work.

Going longer then 20 seconds to get more movement in the water and clouds. Or going later in the day to get light trails from the cars and boats, maybe even a plane or 2 in the sky. Or maybe some stars.