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1.69 - "Needs Work" 
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Beach and the ocean are cool, clean and crisp.

Personally i think if you lose the guy sitting on the rail, and straighten that wall so its actually vertical its automatically a stronger photo.

Feels like theres a bunch more photoshop funny business happening, but thats possibly down to personal preference in retouching (I find minimal is better)

Thank you for the feedback! The wall actually is on an slight angle but I'm with you that 90° would look better.

Regarding the photoshopped feel of the picture I have to say that there was just some minor adjustments in lightroom an a little bit of cropping. I’m not sure if it’s obvious or not but the photo was taken at night and the light in the sky is the moon. Could that be what you meant by photoshopped look.

Regardless I’m really happy to get some specific feedback :)

I disagree. Without the guy, photo will not have a subject. Also the lifeguard tower will turn in to a distraction. Without the guy, the guardrail will just block the view.

About the image:

I would zoom the shot (or crop) to the boy, leaving the tower out. Too much Irrelevant space from bottom and right sides.

It is harder to understand if this is a long exposure btw. Water is smooth but does not stand out. How I made sure was the motion blur in the right arm of the boy