Behind the Scenes: Blazing Fire and Fierce Fashion Photoshoot Combined

So, what happens when you bring two very popular themes in photography, fashion and pyrotechnics, together? A combustion of epicness emerges on your screen. Fstoppers favorite, Benjamin Von Wong, is at it again, and this time he's brought along a few friends to help create the stunning images you see in the video. Pyrotechnician, Andrey DAS, and amazing designer,  Virginie Marcerou, worked with Ben to create the intricate scenes in the photographs.



Woking in extremely cold weather in Europe, Ben had to make sure that his models stayed warm during each pause while he fixed his settings, while also working with DAS to create the right effect. Working with fire, as he learned over the past several photoshoots, can be unpredictable so it can take awhile before you get that one perfect shot. Ben invited anyone that wanted to help out and contribute which turned out to be a success, and was the reason he was able to get the individual strands on the model's dress to move about to add that weightless feel to the photograph.

vongwong behind the scenes

If you want to learn more about how he achieved the look in this shoot then head on over to Ben's blog where he explains in more detail, along with more photos and behind the scenes goodness: [BTS] Insane Pyrotechnics and Fashion Combined 

Also, Ben has a few workshops opening up soon, if you'd like a little more hands on experience with the way he shoots. You can find more information about them here: Upcoming Workshops 


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Sean Shimmel's picture

If nothing else (and there is indeed plenty more to say), a perfect example of relentless discipline and focused craftsmanship.

I find his craftsmanship excellent but a lot of his ideas really cheesy.

A bit simplistic perhaps sometimes, but cheesy is a bit harsh. What I like less personally in such a shot is the lack of emotions in the the model's pose and face. Such a complicated set that there's very little place left to spontaneity and..

cheese is delicious