Karl Taylor's Tips On Photographing Funky Hair

Karl Taylor is an excellent photographer from England who has become a leading teacher in the "how to" photography market. In his latest video he explains a few lighting techniques he uses in the studio while shooting some crazy hair styles. Karl is using a single Elinchrom monolight but is pairing it up with two Canon 580EX flashes. In the video he explains why this setup is ideal for his lighting style and useful for many applications. If you enjoy his teaching, check out his instructional videos on his website as well as some crazy location photos in his port.

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Good post the video was informative. Thanks Fstoppers

Mirrors are great for lighting, I use them all the time. Their downside is that they ain't expensive gear, so you can't brag about them to your friends :D

I am a big fan of Karl's work but I have to say that hair photography is about the hair and not the model. In the first photo the girl tilts her head back to a point you cant see her real hair (maybe that was the idea) and in the second photo he cuts off the tops of her hair (that to me was a mistake).

Other than that Karl once again impresses me with his lighting ideas and ability to manage on the set.