The Ultimate Photobomb

The Ultimate Photobomb

I'm sure most of us have had an awkward photobomb and were not to happy about it, but how would you react if the hilarious Ken Jeong decided to ambush your set with the lovely Kate Upton? Well during GQ's slim corduroy pants fashion shoot he did just that.




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Patryk M's picture

Made me smile. Very funny guys. lol :)

Greg Hoogeveen's picture

Love it. Ken Jeong, you can photobomb my photos anytime!

Lex Arias's picture

hahaha nice

Ben Dover's picture

I thought the whole point of photo-bombs is that they aren't supposed to be staged?

Green Life's picture

Except for the very first one the other images are poorly designed. Sorry, nice idea but badly performed.

Come on.. do you even have to critique a joke... lol.

this_is_my_real_account's picture

You must be fun at parties!!!!

432342's picture


AraRavis's picture

it's supposed to look that way, it's part of his schtick

Adam Hanson's picture

Is it really a photobomb if it's staged?

Mark Devillier's picture

No ... its a artists vision & not spontaneous. Photo bombs are spontaneous. Period.

Chris Pickrell's picture

I plan every single one of my photobombs out.

Victor Samuel's picture

Dude is awesomely nuts...

Emmanuel Duran's picture

Ken Jeong Super Funny!

Ashkan Ahmadi's picture

haha. SO LONG, GAY BOYS! :p

Pablo Serrano's picture

There is something about that guy that just makes me laugh all the time. He is really funny.

Alex Grace's picture

Ken Jeong (Senor Chang as I will always know him!) is so funny! "I'm that guy from that thing!!"

Allen Mowery's picture

And, just to think...Ken started out a medical doctor.

432342's picture

retarded psychology doc??

John Middleton's picture

ROFLMAO!! I love this guy!

Ben Dover's picture

Your mother thinks so.

Christopher Rich's picture

I'm confused. These are nearly two year old images. Is it just the video that's new?

Ren Lok's picture

Love it.

Timothy Jace's picture

Why must it be a chinese/ korean looking dude? Dont they know that they cant sing, dance and earn a whole lot more??? :)

Jade Fennell's picture


Jade Fennell's picture

I think we've all missed the point which is the 2nd photo is ridiculous even without Ken Jeong in it

Ciaran Daly's picture

You can find the song at

Fstopperswhyunolikegoopitures's picture

Wow, that was so funny. Um, thank god it's now opposite day.

Todd Douglas's picture

Saw this photo shoot with Ken a while back and loved it. Say what you will about the images - it would have been an awesome shoot to create.

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