As Dirt Falls From the Sky Like Snow, These Mountain Bikers Get to Experience an UnReal Dirt Blizzard

During the winter months, snowboarders and skiers dream of those big powder days, where a storm leaves the mountain covered in a soft blanket of snow that’s perfect for riding. During the summer months though, mountain bikers have never been able to experience anything that can truly match a mountain that's freshly covered in snow. Until one day at Whistler Blackbomb mountain, when dirt literally fell from the skies to create the very first dirt blizzard.

In order to create this dirt blizzard, the UnReal team used peat moss and leaf blowers to completely cover the mountain bike run with a snow like covering of dirt. So much peat moss was used that Vancouver companies would no longer sell to the production crew due to diminishing inventory. The crew had to seek the help of local friends to make purchases in order to obtain enough peat moss. In total, Thousands of pounds of the moss were used.

Once they had enough peat moss, the crew used small dirt movers to transport the moss to different areas of the mountain. The biggest struggle the crew had to face was keeping everything a secret. They did all their filming on a mountain course that was open to the public at 10 am every morning. In order to keep things secret, the crew would start spreading the moss every morning at first light, they would film, then clean everything up before the public took to the mountain. What they ended up with is truly epic.

You may remember the UnReal team from their single shot mountain bike run that was posted a few months ago. These clips are small segments of their larger film that has just been released. You can see the clips, as well as the full trailer, in the videos posted below.

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ron fya's picture

Epic. Nuff' said.

Taylor Osborn's picture

Gotta love Anthill's work. I own this one and the rest of their collection. Jason, check out Seasons as well. It's beautifully shot and has a great story line.

Chelsey Rogers's picture

I think the concept is way deeper than you're seeing it...