Film Objektiv Is a Unique Rental House for Lovers of Film Photography

I don't care what you say; film is cool. It's a great way to become a more technically apt photographer, it makes you carefully think through your creative impulses, it gives a unique look, and it's just fun to shoot. That's why I own film cameras that I regularly shoot with alongside my digital setup. And it's also why I'm so excited for Film Objektiv, a rental house for anyone looking to get into shooting film or for pros looking to augment their current setup.

I totally recommend learning to shoot film if you've never done it before; you'll find that it rewires your creative process in that you think through your vision and technical details first, giving you more complete control over the final product and giving your images a stronger identity. That'll carry into your digital work too. Film Objektiv, founded by our very own editor, Adam Ottke, is a rental house that offers many film classics such as the Canon A-1 (an ideal learning camera), the Rollei 35 SE (arguably the most fun to use camera ever made), and the Mamiya RZ 67 Pro (great for working professionals). In fact, I've been using their RZ 67 for a while and have been loving it, as I always wanted to try such a highly lauded camera, but alas, the cost was a deterrent. 

Film Objektiv currently offers one or two-month rentals as well as prints. Though they're a recent startup, they're growing quickly, and as they continue to grow, so will their selection along with their educational component. Be sure to check out both their website and Instagram for more.

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Super! I still shoot with my Canon A-1 that I bought new in 1980; I bought a used Canion New F-1 in 2013 with the AE Finder FN and AE Motor Drive FN. The combined controls on my Canon film cameras are less than the controls and menu options on my 5D III.

I want to buy a used Mamiya RZ67 to get into medium format and they have one available for renting!

Thanks for finding this link. From the name of the link, I didn't think that they were based in the US, but they are in California.

Adam Ottke's picture

Thanks, Ralph. Yes, we are indeed based in California with additional help across the midwest. In fact, while it's a limit we hope to lift at some point down the road, we're exclusively U.S. at the moment.

Wow. . . a $1,250 deposit + the renal and then they say, "A bulk of the deposit will be refunded". . . this seems pretty vague. I was excited as I'd love to shoot some film. . . but a $1,250 deposit. . . really?

Adam Ottke's picture

Thanks, Brian. Yes, it's a big deal to us, too. For now, we have to guarantee our gear will be returned. We're working on a solution as quickly as possible.

As for the wording about how much of the deposit is returned, I apologize and have just fixed it. That wording was incorrect. In fact, 100 percent of the deposit is returned if the 100 Words assignment is completed. $50 will not be if that part is not sent -- this keeps everyone participating in the community as much as possible without flat-out requiring it.

Sam Adams's picture

A Hasselblad Xpan for rent! My dream camera and probably the only reason I'd ever truly shoot film again. I was literally seconds away from renting this till I saw the deposit...sigh....Still considering it, but hard to put that much down ($2,500) on top of the rental. If there was another way? Perhaps accepting proof of business insurance to cover the cost of the rental?

Adam Ottke's picture

Thanks, Sam. I'm looking into this and hope to have solutions for the deposit situation as soon as possible. It's super early, but we'll get there. Thanks for the feedback!

Hans Rosemond's picture

Really great idea! If I might make a suggestion, I'd love to see some more consistency with what types of lenses come with the rentals. Some seem to skew wide, others telephoto, some normal. I'm sure it's a cost issue (and understandably so), but I'd rather see a normal lens included with wides and telephotos available as add-ons. Awesome idea, though, and much luck to you!

Adam Ottke's picture

Thanks, man. We love all the suggestions we can get. That's a very good point. I'll make this a priority before necessarily adding more cameras, then! In the future, we will also have lenses to rent as well (but likely not before the deposit situation is fixed --- that's priority #1). Cheers!

Anonymous's picture

This is fantastic! I still shoot film: Pentax K1000, Mamiya RB67 ProS, and Polaroid land. I would love to try a twin lens reflex and I see they have one for rent. I might just have to give this a try.