AmnesiArt Uses the iPhone X to Shoot a World-Renowned Chef Profile

If you've seen our latest comparison between the iPhone X and the Panasonic GH5, you see that the iPhone suits the run-and-gun type of shooter who makes videos on the go where you want the gear to get out of the way with a small and light form factor. In this video, the team at AmnesiArt made a professional video for Elise Lepinteur, the protegee of Christopher Adam, a worldwide famous pastry chef based in Paris, France.

They used a DJI Osmo Mobile and Zhiyun Smooth Q for stabilization and for the macro shots they added in the iPro Lens by Schneider Optics. They shot, edited, and produced the video in four days.

Obviously, the circumstances have to suit the iPhone's small sensor, so you can't shoot in low light and not expect some noise. To light it all up they used three LED lights, two Lite Panels Micro Pros and one Yongnuo YN300 Air Pro, when they shot the food, and two LED lights for the into-camera footage, a Lite Panel Micro Pro in the background with an orange gel and a 1x1 LitePanels.

Below you can view the videos they made using the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7 in the past.

It's super to see that being creative and creating something beautiful doesn't cost anything more than what you already have with you. Above are some of the behind-the-scenes images to give an idea about how it was done. Get out there and shoot.

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Not bad, the quality has changed a lot, it still lacks against a professional camera in terms like focusing, dop control, color range, but here's the part that you all will hate me to say, it does the job, yes is still a good composition and post edit work , looks nice, that makes the job

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Breaking News: Photographer uses camera to film something.

Chris Page's picture

Love it, another 'shot with an iphone' movie. Oh yes, plus and a bunch of pro lighting, additional rigs and lenses. I do wonder why it gets done this way, the photographer obviously has access to better cameras, so it must be done just for the novelty. Good work none-the-less, and it got his movie out there, so a successful job well done.

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Paulo Macedo's picture

Hahaha when this phone was announced, my comments were "iPhone X does this, iPhone X does that, iPhone X cooks eggs if given oil".
It's happening, why are people taking this idiotic path? It's like, we photographers do not want iPhones or Android Phones or whatever phones with a good camera to take dSLR market, BUT, let me use one for this important project just to show off, you's Apple.
I guess that we are the ones killing dSLR's after all!!

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It's getting very annoying to constantly see posts like "this entire shoot was done an iPhone" nonsense. Basically every top of the line 4K capable smartphone these days is more than capable of good quality. The quality of lighting and post production can hide (cover up) many flaws, but as long as the final product is what the production wanted, then that's really the only thing that matters.