Time-Lapse Video of M&M's Dissolving Looks Like a Title Sequence for a Sci-Fi Film

Nice lighting and a controlled experiment can yield some pretty cool results, and luckily there are folks like the ones behind the brand Beauty of Science who just released a video showing exactly that. Simply put, they dissolved some M&M candy in a dish of water. And it looks amazing.

Beauty of Science is based in China, and they strive to create inspirational content for science and educational outreach. It's their goal to make the general public aware of the beauty of chemistry. To achieve that goal, they have recently been putting out a new video every week or so, showcasing different experiments that have been filmed and edited to music. The results are magical, and really feel like they belong in an opening credit sequence of a film that has something to do with science.

Here are a few of their other videos:

While I'm kind of craving some M&M's now, what it really makes me want to do is go get a macro lens and create some of these videos myself. It seems like a fun and relatively easy way to capture unique background graphics, which are useful every so often in video editing projects. Have you ever done this for your own background clips? Leave a comment below if so, and tell us what you did.

[via geekologie]

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Very enjoyable! Nice work.

I made a macro video of oil milk and food colourings reacting, which has a awesome effect.

Hi Ian, The video looks great. Do you have any tips for achieving similar effects? I've been wanting to try this out lately and you've inspired me to finally get on it.