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Two Tricks to Help With Food Photography

Lighting is key in all aspects of photography and shooting food photography isn't any different. The goal is still to capture the food in the best way, and lighting can help. What can you do to help make your food photography look even better?

Joanie Simon from The Bite Shot shares two simple yet effective lighting tricks that she uses to elevate her food shots. How many of you think about how the sheen of the food affects the shot? Is this something you pay attention to? Not every piece of food needs a nice shiny surface or to have a nice sheen to it, but it can help the shot on the right items. In the video, Simon shows a before and after on a bowl of olives, how adding some sheen changes the dynamics of the show. 

The second trick is directly relative to lighting and the placement within the scene if you are working with artificial lighting. If you are working with natural light and in confined areas, There are a few suggestions in the videos on how you can modify the lighting to achieve similar results. Once again Simon shows the differences in before and after shots. 

Which trick did you like more out of the two? Did you find them useful? Do you prefer the before or after shots for each trick? Let us know in the comments below. 

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