37.5MP CMOS-Based Leica S with 4K@60fps and CCD-Based Leica S-E Medium Format DSLRs Announced

37.5MP CMOS-Based Leica S with 4K@60fps and CCD-Based Leica S-E Medium Format DSLRs Announced

In a perhaps not-so-surprising turn of events, Leica has entered the medium format CMOS market with their new Leica S. At 37.5 megapixels, this doesn't seem to be the same 50-megapixel Sony sensor everyone else is using, naturally. This time, Leica means business with a weather-sealed magnesium body capable of 4K video at 60fps and 3.5fps still shooting between ISO 200 and 6400. Looking for the more traditional CCD version? Leica updated that, too, with the new breakout S-E.

As the Leica S name has now been stolen by the CMOS-based body, it's clear that is Leica's new flagship answer to the medium format DSLR. Its price reflects that at $25,400, body only. Rather impressively, however, the new CMOS beast features both 1080p/4K video at 60fps, no optical low-pass filter, built-in WiFi and GPS, and 16-bit files. Oddly, however, there is no specific word on dynamic range, and video recording is done through a Super 35mm area of the sensor. A super 35mm frame is even smaller than 35mm full-frame, meaning there will be a significant crop factor when recording video (don't count on any reasonable wide-angle shooting).

Meanwhile, the CCD-based S system branches off into the Leica S-E, featuring an identical body, megapixel count, and CF and SD card slots. The S-E shoots at 1.5fps between ISO 100-1600, but lacks GPS, WiFi, and video capabilities.

Both the Leica S (Type 007) and Leica S-E (Type 006) are available for pre-order for $25,400 and $16,900, respectively.

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This would be perfect if you could record using the entire sensor area to get more of that IMAX look

Yeah...but you can't. Bummer, no? I mean, what are you supposed to do when you want a wide-angle shot with your 24mm, but it looks almost like a slight telephoto in comparison? Hmm...