Behance Brings Social Integration to Adobe Creative Cloud

Behance Brings Social Integration to Adobe Creative Cloud

When we first discussed Adobe’s acquisition of Behance earlier this year, there was speculation that the purpose was to add social to the Creative Cloud. Adobe has proved that speculation correct, as Behance plays a pivotal role in Adobe’s new CC-branded software with live feeds to your Behance buddies.

Behance will be directly integrated with the new Creative Cloud desktop software, giving you access to a live feed to your friends on Behance. Want to get social input on the status of your project? Upload what you’re working on at whatever stage it is at to Behance and get crowd-sourced feedback all from one place. It’s a bold step, and certainly the most front-and-center update that focuses on the “cloud” aspect of the Creative Cloud.

Don’t have Behance? You can get a regular account for free, but if you have a subscription to the Creative Cloud, Behance’s regular $100 fee for a pro account is free while you have CC.

The major question is whether creatives a) want this or b) will use this. Even if they aren’t against more social in their lives, is it something they will be taking full advantage of?

(When we have images of the Behance integration, we will post them here.)

Do you see yourself using the new social features, or even using Behance more than you already do?

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I think this is great. I really like the ease with which we can promote our work now. I am just beginning to explore google+, but Behance sounds really promising.