Editing Console Loupedeck+ Adds Adobe Camera Raw Integration Inside Photoshop

Editing Console Loupedeck+ Adds Adobe Camera Raw Integration Inside Photoshop

Today, Loupedeck+ is supporting more photographers’ workflows by adding integration for Adobe Camera Raw within Photoshop.

Loupedeck+ is a photo and video editing console that features a wide variety of physical adjustment knobs, buttons, and scroll wheels. With the new addition of Adobe Camera Raw support, Photoshop users will now have access to control the look of their images. Adobe Camera Raw integration was a strongly requested feature according to Loupedeck Founder and CEO Mike Kesti. “We’re confident bringing this new integration into the mix will help them further increase their productivity with the Loupedeck+ and provide the flexibility they require on a day-to-day basis,” he said.

Loupedeck+ is bringing the features listed below to Adobe Camera Raw:

  • Categorize images with stars and colors.
  • Control basic adjustment settings such as exposure, contrast, and temperature.
  • Color correction via the HSL scroll wheels.
  • Curve adjustments, sharpening and noise reduction, split toning, lens corrections, vignetting and grain, and camera calibration support.

See it in action in the video below.

In March 2019, Loupedeck+ added integration for Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition. From its crowdfunded origins to today, the editing console has picked up seven supported integrations for applications including Adobe Lightroom, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects, and Skylum Aurora HDR across both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Late last year, Fstoppers’ Alex Cooke reviewed the Loupedeck+ and had mostly favorable things to report highlighting its responsiveness and efficiency in tackling post-production work. The Loupedeck+ is available now for $249 through B&H Photo.

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Kurt Hummel's picture

I looked into this last year. It seems like a decent tool but just couldn’t see spending $250 for something a track pad or mouse does just fine.