Loupedeck+ Now Supports Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition

Loupedeck+ Now Supports Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition

Loupedeck+ is a photo and video editing console built to speed up workflows by placing all the controls right at your fingertips. As its next step in productivity, Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition are now being integrated.

Today, Loupedeck announced that Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition would be receiving support on Loupedeck+. Final Cut Pro editors will be able to use all basic color grading tools as labeled on the console, as well as leverage controls for timeline navigation, content trimming, and clip adjustments. Custom configurations can be created for the Loupedeck+ and personal setups can be exported and imported to transfer between computers and users. The console's custom button can be configured to Final Cut Pro shortcuts of your choice, or use the preinstalled functions.

Adobe Audition users will be able to use the Loupedeck+ as a physical console counterpart to the digital audio workflow. Available tools include volume adjustments for all channels, trim and nudge editing, adding fades and effects, managing single and multi track projects, and more accurate navigation.

Loupedeck+ also supports Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, and Skylum Aurora HDR. If you're interested to learn more about the Loupedeck+, check out our full review. You can pick up the console for $249 from B&H now.

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If they dropped the price $100 I’d consider it.

I totally agree. At $149 I'd be happy to try it out and see how it compares against my MIDI Lightroom setup.

Drop it $150 and I'll consider it. A friend of mine gave me a mini review. It's a plastic keyboard looking thing with a few knobs, dials and buttons. Not worth the price at all.

That's my impression also. Hardware-wise, it's on par with a $50-$75 midi controller that can be used with MIDI2LR. Having it specifically designed and labeled for Lightroom is valuable, but not $200 worth of value.