An Exciting Canon Lens Is on the Way

An Exciting Canon Lens Is on the Way

Recently, rumors emerged saying that the Canon EOS R6 Mark II's release was imminent. That story continues, and it seems that in addition to the new camera next month, we will also see a mirrorless version of one of Canon's most legendary lessons. 

Canon Rumors is reporting that in addition to the EOS R6 Mark II being released next month, the company will probably announce the RF 135mm f/1.8K IS USM lens. The EF 135mm f/2L was one of the company's most well-known DSLR lenses. It offered a lot of the optical qualities of the legendary 85mm f/1.2L, including smoky, contrasty rendering, shallow depth of field, a three-dimensional "pop," and deep, saturated colors. And it did all that at about half the price of the 85mm lens and with a far more reliable and less fussy autofocus system, making it a popular alternative to the "Canon-ball." And while it has held up remarkably well as sensor resolutions have increased (I still happily use mine on my EOS R5's 45-megapixel sensor), it is 26 years old at this point, and no doubt, with the advancements in optical design in the last three decades, Canon could likely create a superlative lens with the updated version. That being said, there is no word yet on if it will keep that bargain alternative crown by sitting significantly below the price of the RF 85mm f/1.2L, which currently retails for $2,699 Nonetheless, hopefully, we'll see the lens in just a few weeks! 

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Pumped for this lens. Is f/stoppers dead?

We laregly don't care. It's a lens, nothing really new about it, other than the mount. And it's way late in the game. And locked into the Canon walled garden. Can't get excited by any of that. If you're happy, great. doesn't mean we have to or you have to not be pumped.

Use the first gen L glass, 85 F1.2 and you'll quickly see that the RF lens isn't just the same lens with a different mount

Same for the 70-200 or the 28-70/2.0... 50/1.2 has new design and better glass also... Canon isn't Sigma

Sour grapes.

I was actually expecting 85-135/2.0, but 135/1.8 IS sound nice. The extra few steps of stabilisation and bit faster lens on stabilised bodies will be good

Not that that's what we're getting but Canon's patent is for a 70-135 F2.

I wasn't sure... But sure the 28-70/2.0 then 70-135 and 135-???/2.0 maybe one day 🙂

"a mirrorless version of one of Canon's most legendary lessons" ... lessons had mirrors?

Lessons? Are you using standard or wide angle lessons with your camera?

I'll gladly take a RF 135mm f/1.8.
I switched from Sony last year and the one lens that I miss from their lineup is the 135 1.8 FE.
Given Canon's insanely good offerings in the 70-200, 85 and 50, their 135 will no doubt be every bit as good as Sony's if not (however impossible it may seem) better.
Personally, I'd even give up my RF 70-200 if I could have this instead.

And then RF 200/1.8

Man, that would be sweet, but would likely be @ $7k (or more) and probably 7 lbs. (or more.)

Canon had a 200mm f1.8 EF lens that was very affordable. It had a black body and red ring. Just a tad bit larger than the 135. It was a nice lens.

You're thinking of the EF 200mm f/2.8L. The 200mm f/1.8L was rare, as it was discontinued due to lead in the production process, and was extremely expensive. It was eventually replaced by the 200mm f/2L.

We actually have the EF 200/2.8 USM ii lens and the 135/2.0 also. Both of them are great lenses for very good price. It is still possible to find EF 200/1.8 and EF 200/2.0 L IS USM is now €4000 new in Ireland... I always dream about the eye of sauron as the 200/2.0 is called

As others mentioned, it was a f/2.8 and it was indeed a good lens, but still outclassed by today's lenses (i.e. the RF 70-200 f/2.8.) The Canon 135 EF is another solid lens for sure, but in every way but girth and weight, the Sigma 135 beats it, and gives you f/1.8.
And then, of course, the Sony 135 shows what can be made these days for not too much more and when Canon comes out with theirs, it's why I'll line up for it and not worry about anything more exotic.

This is nice if you are a professional or a high end hobbyist who can spend that kind of money then fine. What Canon is saying is we no longer want amateurs or regular hobbyists. The bodies are in the same price as other makes but having no options for any other lens manufacturer means no affordable glass. I am more than willing to sell my EOS R which I was going to upgrade for a faster frame rate but now I will take a hard look at other manufacturers. Why does Sony have so many users? Open standards. They would rather sell camera bodies with out forcing to sell the lens.

Most likely even $10k, but for professionals this is the lens which will outperform all of yours competitors if you have the skills to make it your advantage. Shooting wedding or concerts / theatre with lens like that is worth the investment 😉

For theater and concerts and even some indoor sports, I can see the usefulness, but for weddings? No way. I am not going to be carrying that thing around for any longer than I need to. But, I also think that, after shooting the Sony 135mm f/1.8 G Master, the difference between 135 and 200 isn't enough to make the weight or investment worth it for me, and I am a full time wedding and portrait professional.