Five Things Under $20 You Might Need on Set

There are many things we have to remember to have with us while on set for a shoot, sometimes those things can be really questionable until you need them. Some of those things can be as simple as carrying extra screws with you, something you might not need but really helpful when you do.

Matt Haapoja from Travel Feels shares five random things that cost less than $20 each that you should carry with you on. While this discussion is aimed at filmmakers, these things can be very helpful for photographers as well.

Here’s the list of those five things, but make sure to watch the video as Matt gives a few scenarios where these items can be useful in. Filter step rings don't only apply to filmmakers with ND filters, I use step rings for CPL in my photographer as well as my ND Filters. If you own several lenses with different size filter thread, the rings can save you money by buying several of the same types of filters to be used.

From the list, which is one thing you plan on getting now? What is another random thing you need that’s not listed above? Share your answers in the comments below.

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I can usually find use for bungee cords...