Fujifilm Announces the X100V: Major Upgrades to the Beloved Camera

Fujifilm Announces the X100V: Major Upgrades to the Beloved Camera

The Fujifilm X100 line is a favorite of many photographers, and today, the company has announced the X100V, the fifth iteration. It comes with some significant upgrades over the X100F; check out what the camera has in store!

I've always loved the X100 line; I owned an X100S for several years, and it was probably the most fun (particularly the unique viewfinder) I've had with a camera. Over time, the X100 has gone from quirky but capable camera to quite the portable powerhouse. Check out the specs of the new X100V:

  • Enhanced grip, ISO dial, and lens barrel
  • Optional weather resistance with AR-X100 adapter ring and PRF-49 protection filter
  • New two-way tilting touchscreen (1.62 million dots)
  • Newly designed 23mm f/2 lens (35mm equivalent)
  • 26.1-megapixel X-Trans 4 sensor with back-illuminated design for increased dynamic range
  • Four-stop internal ND filter
  • Hybrid viewfinder offering .52x OVF or 3.69-million-dot OLED EVF 
  • 95% coverage OVF with parallax-correcting frame lines and electronic rangefinder function
  • 4K video at 30 fps and 1080p video at 120 fps
  • Weight: 16.9 oz (478 g) including battery and SD card

Altogether, the X100V looks like a worthy fifth installment in the X100 series. What do you think of it? 

You can preorder yours here.

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Stephen Kampff's picture

Internal NDs should be on more cameras, which in turn makes them more handy and portable.

Alex Cooke's picture

Couldn't agree more! My dream is an internal ND and internal polarizing filter (that could be rotated, of course).

Pierre Dasnoy's picture

Do you know if it Is a real ND filter, or an electronic one (like in Olympus omd em1x) ?

Chris Jones's picture

It's always been a real nd, you can actually see it drop down and shade the lens when you activate it

Stuart Carver's picture

This is a winner for Fujifilm, excellent update, surely will sell like hot cakes.

Perry Harrington's picture

Their pricing has me salty, $1400 for a fixed lens viewfinder camera seems a bit rich. You can buy a 6D Mk2 body for the same price! I feel like the price should be about half, considering that they will be worth about 1/3rd after you open the box.

m K's picture

I would buy this camera any day over any Canon DSLR. You are getting lens after all, albeit it fixed.

The internal NDs are very useful and the screen on the back is bigger (and better) than the 6D by miles.

But it's not always about technical specs. I appreciate the craftsmanship and beauty this camera offers. And who wants to lug a clunky DSLR around w a bulky lens?

Andy Day's picture

The problem with buying the 6D Mk2 body at the same price is that you end up owning a 6D Mk2. 😜

Stuart Carver's picture

The question is, do you buy a camera for what its worth after you open the box... or do you buy it to, you know, TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS with.

marcgabor's picture

Not really a fair comparison. Yes you can get pretty compact DSLR setups for similar or less money but the X100's form factor is unique. It offers all the customizability and manual controls that serious photographers need in a camera that is perfectly suited to documentary and travel photography. A lot of people find that a close focusing 35mm lens and a built in flash matted to a largish sensor is all they need to document their life. It's about as close to the concept of a high end point and shoot 35mm camera (like a contax t2) as you can find. And at $1400 it's still way cheaper than sony's rx1 (which has a better sensor but worse ergonomics). Of course there are alternatives with 28mm lenses and the xe body is great but the hybrid VF with fixed 35mm macro lens is one of a kind and if you have it on you everyday for years or take it on every trip the $1400 price tag really isn't that bad and to me seems like a worthy investment. full disclosure I sold my x100t because i preferred my panasonic gx85 with 20mm lens.

Sean Gibson's picture

My only issue with the X100F was the poor focusing. All these other updates are good, lens great, but it all means nothing if the focusing isn't much faster.

Stuart Carver's picture

Its got the latest focus system from Fujifilm in it.

Jay Altman's picture

The problem that people are concerned about isn't the AF technology in terms of the camera itself but the lens. It has all the faster processing of the X-T3 and X-Pro 3 but the external AF motor is still slow. That being said, I would be more than happy with this camera as a casual shooter. I'm not going to be shooting sports with it.

Stuart Carver's picture

General consensus seems to be that it’s snappy for AF from what I’ve seen, but yeah you are right it’s not what it’s for is it.

Alvin Bartolome's picture

These updates made the V really a mature product. Excited to get one, if budget permits.

Richard Kralicek's picture

It always depends on how you use it. Had the X100F, sold it for a used Leica Q and I'm more than happy with it.
The old lens was good for street, but, as I also love taking images of flowers, insects and other small things in the near field it sucked. You could use it stopped down to f4 or f5.6, which gave some nice close-ups, but image quality was way less compared to sujets further away. So it was good, but not for my kind of shooting. The Leica delivers. Always. Second hand of course means it's still double the price of a new X100F or this one here. It depends on what you think you need.

Stuart Carver's picture

They have rebuilt the lens for this model.

Richard Kralicek's picture

Yes, I've read that, sound's great. Anyway, it won't make me give away my Leica Q.

Christian Durand's picture

nobody is asking you to give up your Leica ! But I am wondering why are you commenting on a Fuji x100v post ,are trying to justify your purchase ?

Richard Kralicek's picture

Well, no, I don't need to justify my purchase, but I was a slightly disappointed user of the X100F, which I bought when it arrived on the market. Would I have known all the shortcomings of the X100F I wouldn't have bought it.

I might have bought this version of the X100, but it's too late now. So I hope they did a great job for those who buy that camera. We'll see.

Christian Durand's picture

I am happy for you that you got Leica Q but this post is about the Fuji X100V not Leica witch most people can't afford .

Rohan Gillett's picture

If I didn't have a GR III I'd buy this. It looks like a fantastic camera and I would like to give more support to Fuji as I love its X-T2.

Spy Black's picture

These are beautiful cameras. I do wish they had a small-ish 2x zoom, like a 28-60 or so. I used to do street photography back in the 90s with a Ricoh 500G, and the fixed lens was always a constriction for me. The Fuji is a lovely camera otherwise.

marcgabor's picture

that would be really cool. Like a contax TVS - not too much of a compromise on image quality and just enough range to give you some perspective options. i think it would need a better flash to compensate for the slower lens though.

Chris Jones's picture

I'm waiting for people to purchase or people who use the xpro3 to see how they like not having a dpad for custom buttons. I normally wouldn't get the latest version of a camera due to being frugal (read broke) but having the new lens and the ability to shoot 120p is tempting

Richard Hitswater's picture

I'm an amateur enthusiast whose kit is (mostly) Canon, but I've been reading good things about Fulifilm cameras and this looks like it would be good for when I want to travel lite. I'll definitely be giving it a look!