[Gear] New PocketWizard Plus III Triggers Available for Pre-Order

We just reviewed the new PocketWizard Plus III wireless trigger units, and we're impressed. With a new design and a laundry list of great features, PocketWizard addressed a lot of what photographers have been clamoring for. Pre-Order now at B&Hphotovideo.com | Read More | Watch Video Review

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Bulky and ugly as expected :( 
Let's hope these PW units deliver what they promise. 

Very nice...and cheaper than before!  Although, the relay mode (where you can fire a camera and trigger flashes with 3 units) isn't new...plus II's did that too...

My Cybersyncs and Impact triggers are still ticking. The only Pocket Wizards I can justify purchasing are the Flex and Mini TT5's. They're less bulky and handle ETTL and Manual control with no cords required.