Hasselblad H5D-50c WiFi Adds (You Guessed It) WiFi to the 50MP CMOS System

Hasselblad H5D-50c WiFi Adds (You Guessed It) WiFi to the 50MP CMOS System

Hasselblad and PhaseOne are officially flip-flopping as PhaseOne just added its no-WiFi IQ150 following a much earlier IQ250 announcement and Hasselblad is now releasing a WiFi-enabled version of its H5D-50c. In addition to WiFi, the new version brings several firmware-related improvements that will find their way into the current H5D-50c and CFV-50c models via a future update.The improvements include:

  • Wi-Fi: Control the camera and browse/ view images on iPhone or iPad, even on location.
  • Live View: See a live image on the rear LCD even when the camera is untethered.
  • Capture rate: The capture rate now enables 50 captures per minute.
  • Longest exposure time: The longest shutter speed is now 34 minutes. And no extra black exposure is necessary.
  • Film: Now you can use film magazines on the H5D-50c.
  • Spirit level: Employ the built-in electronic spirit level even in tethered mode.
  • Display modes: Select different display modes even when the camera is tethered.
  • ISO and White Balance: Settings now available on viewfinder display.


The new H5D-50c WiFi will be available beginning sometime in November 2014. For a limited time between January and March 2015, current H5D-50c owners can get a WiFi upgrade for $1,000. The price for the H5D-50c WiFi is still fairly unclear, as there seems to only be the also recently announced $36,000 H5D-50c MS (Multi-Shot) currently available for pre-order. We'll update with more information as soon as possible, but the current $27,500 price for the standard H5D-50c, $1,000 upgrade price, and more direct comeptition of PhaseOne's IQ250 at $34,990 back-only should give us an idea.

[Via PhotoRumors]

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Yet another MF camera I'll never touch, due to cost, and don't really have any desire to touch due to its size, weight, etc. Gosh I want to break into this format. Wish the manufactures would make it easier.

Awesome, but I also will never be able to touch. Maybe, MF film with autofocus. That may be a better match for my meager funds.

This looks like a fantastic camera that is now more user friendly, at least in my estimate, but it has to be a touch more price friendly for me to jump