PhaseOne Announces the IQ150: The IQ250 Minus WiFi for $29,990

PhaseOne Announces the IQ150: The IQ250 Minus WiFi for $29,990

At a $5,000 "discount" compared to the IQ250, the IQ150 seems almost identical in every way. While we don't currently have much information, we do know that the IQ150 features the same Sony 50MP CMOS sensor that is featured in the IQ250, Hasselblad H5D-50c, Mamiya Leaf Credo 50, and Pentax 645z, boasting the same native and useable ISO range of 100-6400. The only [in]visible difference is the lack of WiFi and $29,990 price tag (compared to the IQ250's $34,990).

While one source (in a DPI forum) claims the IQ150 has only a one-year warranty while the IQ250 has a five-year warranty, Digital Transitions' website currently advertises the same warranties for all IQ systems (for both IQ1- and IQ2-systems). This may have been misunderstood by some because the standard warranty for these backs lasts one year, while the "Value Added" warranty that costs a bit more covers your system for five years and offers a few other perks. This has been confirmed by Lance at Digital Transitions as actually being true. All IQ2 backs now come with the otherwise $4,000 Value Added warranty with an unmatched five-year warranty that also covers all lenses and the DF+ body if ordered at the same time, while the IQ1 backs do not come with this. Honestly, this probably keeps the IQ250 more than worth its value.

Both backs even have the same external operating temperature and durability guidelines. And both look identical in marketing images.

It's fairly safe to say few expected this announcement, but the removal of WiFi and reduction in price put the often-thought-of-as-superior brand's offering more in line with similar systems and their prices. The most obvious comparison to draw is between Mamiya's recently announced Leaf Credo 50 for $26,990 ($30,995 with DF+ body and 80mm lens) and Hasselblad's H5D-50c for $27,500 with a body. At these prices, and at this level in the game, it really does all come down to which system you prefer.

Stand by for more information as we update throughout the day. But if you're ready to pull the trigger, Digital Transitions is eagerly awaiting your email.

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You are correct the only thing different between the IQ150 and IQ250 is the WiFi and warranty package and of course price. Previously the Value Added Warranty Package was offered as a $4000 additional to all PhaseOne IQ/IQ2 systems, as of now ALL IQ2 systems ship standard with the 5 Year VA warranty on the digital back and DF+ body and lenses purchased together. There is no other digital camera company that offers such warranty (peace of mind!). With the IQ1 series it comes standard with the 1 year Classic Warranty.

Lance Schad
Digital Transitions

Thanks, Lance. The article has been updated to make this more clear.