LitePanels Announces an On-Location Battery Solution for its Hilio Fixture

LitePanels Announces an On-Location Battery Solution for its Hilio Fixture

Many of you probably love the Vagabond/Einstein combination, and for good reason: it rocks. That said, constant lighting for video can still be a pain when you want to take the show on the road. LitePanels, who make some pretty great LED fixtures, has attempted to address this by combining one of their lights with Anton/Bauer’s portable power solutions to go beyond normal limitations.

LitePanels is now offering what they call the Hilio™/HC Field Lighting Package. This package is designed to provide the Hilio’s high output daylight balanced illumination with a convenient and portable DC power system from Anton/Bauer.

Litepanels Hilio is a small-footprint LED fixture capable of emitting daylight-balanced illumination over a 20-25' (6.1-7.6m) distance without requiring a ballast. It offers the advantages of an HMI lighting fixture, utilizing only a fraction of the power. The Hilio generates almost no heat, and may be dimmed manually or via DMX from 100% to zero with no noticeable change in color temperature.

Along with one Hilio fixture, this portable lighting package includes a complement of Anton/Bauer’s portable power solutions to go beyond the limitations of AC power. When DC power is essential, the Anton/Bauer QRC-Hilio Gold Mount battery adapter plate allows for two Anton/Bauer batteries to be snapped onto the back of the Hilio fixture. As an added benefit, Anton/Bauer’s integrated hot swap feature provides uninterrupted lighting throughout the production day.

The portable field lighting package also includes two DIONIC HC batteries. The Li-Ion Batteries have no travel restrictions. DIONIC HCs are capable of delivering up to 10 amps of continuous draw—ideal for powering the Hilio. A pair of 91 Watt-hour DIONIC HCs can operate the 115-Watt Hilio at full output continuously for nearly two hours.

To recharge the DIONIC HC batteries, the Hilio/HC Field lighting package includes Anton/Bauer’s lightweight and compact TWIN charger. It offers the same proprietary state-of-the-art charge termination techniques of all Anton/Bauer InterActive Chargers and the high impact composite housing is ideal for travel because it will stand up to the most use.

I don't normally cover "kit" news, as it's usually just repackaging old products into a new grouping, however I thought this one was worth noting because there is a 30% off going on to promote the new kit if you buy it through an authorized dealer. Since LitePanels tend to be pretty pricey, I figured any news of any kind of discount was worth sharing.

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