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Lomography: News and Product Updates

Lomography: News and Product Updates

Lomography has been around for a while now, known and loved for its crazy light leaks and cool hipster style that Instagram has tried tried to emulate for years for mobile digital imaging networkers (smartphone users). They have great stuff not only for the hipster society, but also for anyone starting out in photography, as their cameras are extremely affordable. A new Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner and the Peacock 110 X-Pro film are among the newest products Lomography has to offer...

The Smartphone Film Scanner is still in a Kickstarter campaign until early February 4th, despite already having blown past its initial goal. Still, you can secure a spot in line for one of these neat devices that lets you use your smartphone to take a digital image (a "scan") of any 35mm frame. Complete with a backlight and app, the little box will hold your smartphone in place and capture your 35mm frame (positive or negative) perfectly.

Peacock 110 X-Pro film is a new product that adds to Lomography's 110 arsenal. Here's what they say about it:

Calm and Cool: Brilliant shades of blues and greens will wash over your shots when this film is cross-processed.

Crystal Clear: With regular E6 development, you will be rewarded with super-sharp pictures.

Lomography.com is also having their Attic Sale. But hurry -- you have until the 29th (that's four days from now) -- to get in on up to 70% off.

Finally, Lomography recently released the Belair X 6-12 multiformat (6x6, 6x7, or 6x12) camera that will be reviewed shortly. So look forward to that coming soon!

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