Looking for a Video Crane? Pro Am Has a New Light Weight Option

Looking for a Video Crane? Pro Am Has a New Light Weight Option

Cranes can add that extra bit of "oomph" to a video, giving it that one extra piece to make for compelling and dynamic footage. If you saw Patrick Hall's review of the Rhino Slider, you probably noticed some footage from a crane in there too. Pro Am just announced a new $300, 12-pound, 3-foot crane that can support a camera rigs up to 20 pounds and manually tilts cameras up to 10 pounds. It also offers an auto-leveling design that features a tilt brake and a built-in bearing base.

fstoppers Taurus-Jr-HD60-Camera-Head-2 copy

fstoppers Taurus-Jr-HD60-Camera-Head-5 copy

fstoppers Taurus-Jr-HD60-Tripod-Camera-Head-2 copy

Taurus-Jr-HD60-Tripod-Camera-Head-14 copy

In related news, Pro Am also recently released two new video monitors for DSLRs and video cameras. The new additions to its Iris LCD product line are the ProAm 7” Iris Pro HD and 10” Iris Pro XL On-Camera/Crane LCD Monitors, available now for $399 and $299 USD respectively. It's and addition that anyone who is tired of squinting into an LCD would love, and the price points are right within many start-up video shooters' reach.

fstoppers Iris-Pro-HD-P7HD3-Camera-Front-Logo-Hood

fstoppers Iris-Pro-XL-P10HDMI-Camera-Battery-Front-Menu copy

You can of course get more info directly from the source at Pro Am's website.

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I can't find the crane shown above on the website - Is it the dvc60?