The New RODE i16 Mic Is A Gamechanger For Audio Capture?

Since the inception of DSLRs, RODE Microphones have never been far behind when it comes to making accessories to capture better audio for our filmmaking projects. Their iXY Mic for the iPhone came out recently and was well received, but this new product is quite a step forward. The i16 Mic from RODE captures a staggering sixteen tracks simultaneously at 24-bit/96kHz.

More product information can be found on RODE's blog for this microphone system that definitely does not look ridiculous. I'm definitely going to pick one up, right after I order my Kodak Wrist Kiosk.

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Imna run to bestbuy right now and buy this! ;)

Phillip Bloom is laying it on too thick... ruined the subtlety of the joke. lol

HEHE :D just need 16 monitors. P.Bloom looks like he will start to lough any moment ;)

april 1st joke

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Lol, was just gonna comment that it was weird they used the old iPhone port, and not the new one

get a man bag. lol

I hate it when April fools jokes get you on April 2.