Rolleiflex with New Products for Photokina

Rolleiflex with New Products for Photokina

Rolleiflex is among the most respected medium format photographic equipment companies in the world, producing extremely precise and durable gear for professionals demanding the most accurate results -- all at a cost, of course. Don't think they're not ready for Photokina 2012 with new options for both film and digital platforms, however.

Rolleiflex has updated its popular (but expensive) Hy6 medium format camera as well as the Rolleiflex FX, introducing the FX-N, each with several enhancements. The Hy6 will see a firmware update along with minor design changes while the FX-N is identical to the previous FX, except for new and improved 80mm f2.8 view and main lenses.

Some might have been hoping for something a little newer, but I guess we'll be waiting a while to see that. Besides, they're not in the market to sell to hundreds of thousands of users. I just want a good weather-proof camera from them. Then it might be worth the $8000 or so for the Hy6. Are any of our readers Hy6 or FX owners? What has your experience been?

Rolleiflex Hy6 Mod2



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Shannon Allison's picture

wow,,, only in the dreams for me....

Paul Boyd's picture

I want one please.

top camera with f..... ugly lens!

I shoot quite frequently with a Hy6 and an eMotion 75 back (33 megapixels)

The camera itself is pretty much exactly the same as the old Rolleiflex cameras. The autofocus is so bad that it's unusable, but the same goes for pretty much all medium format cameras. 

The image quality from the eMotion 75 back is good, but with the release of the D800, it's pretty much made the price unjustifiable (see my direct comparison between the two cameras here )

It's really just another medium format camera, I don't imagine it would be much better than the offerings from Phase One or Hasselblad, but it's not bad...