Rumor: Canon 6D Specs Leaked Before Launch

Rumor: Canon 6D Specs Leaked Before Launch

New Canon 6D specs have been leaked, and they show a 20 megapixel sensor, full frame, APS-C sized body with built in WiFi and GPS among other notable features. Oh, and the rumored price is under $2000.

The rumored specs:

  • A 20 megapixel sensor
  • Full Frame
  • 4.5 frames per second
  • ISO Range 100-25600
  • DIGIC5+
  • APS-C sized body
  • Weather sealed
  • SD Card
  • Built-in Wifi & GPS
  • 11 AF Points, f/2.8 Cross-type in the center.
  • 3″ LCD
  • Full HD (1920×1080)

To be available December 2012
Speculated Price: $1999 (Body Only)

If this is what to expect, you can sure bet I want one.

[Via Digicame via Canon Rumors]

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Borna Cavrag's picture

man... saving 20 mpix raws on an SD card sure looks to be a lot of fun. I hope it's either a dual setup, or the camera has one hell of a buffer...

Borna Cavrag's picture

also, how long can they keep reusing that crappy 11-point AF module from the original 5D. did they produce 200 million of those and don't want to throw them away?

Mike Kelley's picture

LOL Borna :)

I can't wait until December! Damnit! I want it now!

The AF module in the original 5D was 9 points.

Specs on SLR Lounge show it only syncs flash to 1/180th - WHAT THE HECK?!?!

I can't personally see myself doing anything more than that anyhow, but I shoot mainly studio.

Patrick Hall's picture

How are all these camera companies going backwards in terms of sync speed?

Nikon D70 for the sync win @ 1/4000th (sorta....)

11-point AF... man where'd that rumor go that said it would have the same AF system as the Mark III....  Wifi is very intriguing. 

Michael Kormos's picture

Under $2000 could mean $1995.98  :-)  Given the recent D600 price rumors (later proved inaccurate) I think price is about the only thing these types of speculations often miss.

But given Canon's track record, I have a strong feeling the 6D is going to be priced in the mid $2k range ($2400).  

Nicholas's picture

Why sd and not CF? Wouldn't it have been a better transition from the Canon 7D or 60D, to the 6D? 
Is the 5D Mark 2's awesome chip, a faster processor and the exact same 7D autofocusing, be too much to ask? Hell, I'll take it back further: how about the beautiful canon EOS 1V autofocusing system in a full frame digital. Why does Canon sidestep what works to make... something else? A bit disappointing. 

I think the biggest thing to hit photographers is or Now, at least I can wait without compromise. Looks like I'll be renting the 5D mark III till I own it.

I Agree with Nicholas, a 5d with a 7d af system couldn't cost them much to make....that's been my biggest gripe about my 5d mk ii now. the AF system everything else has exceeded my expectations 

built in wifi and GPS for under $2k? Im SOLD!
/although i seriously doubt that would happen

Why is the 6D full frame and the 7D is not?  The lower the number, the better the camera specs?

Thats how the canon system works.  1D>5D>7D,  etc

George Socka's picture

I'd give back my less than stellar 60D for this. Will it take EF-S lenses somehopw?

No. EF-S only work on APS-C Canons.

I wouldn't put much hope in the price - I'd expect Nikon and Sony to match it if Canon goes low. So none of them will ever go low.

Why are camera companies sacrificing important camera features (flash sync speed, PC sync connectors) with features that don't help make better pictures (GPS, WiFI, adding Android, 3G, etc)? And its great they keep pushing the ISO limits - but who takes serious photos above ISO3200?

Event photographers.

Edit: Possibly wedding photographers too.

sports, events, weddings, anybody that hates working with lights, indie film..

Patryk M's picture

Canon user here. Looking at these specs I'm more interested in Nikon. If it was not for the 5 DM III I would have switched to Nikon. I must say that the 5D Mrk II is an amazing tool. 

I think the sub $2000 price may also be a little bit of wishful thinking, like the D600. I just can't see Canon releasing a FF camera under $2000, especially since the D600 is $2,099, although that could be a good justification for Canon to go that route. Time will tell.

With all new cameras launching it makes me wonder how it will effect needed firmware releases for the existing workhorses like the 5d markIII, etc.

With all new cameras launching it makes me wonder how it will effect needed firmware releases for the existing workhorses like the 5d markIII, etc.

Alex's picture

That specs sheet isn't really impressive, is it?  Just for the sake of putting out an affordable full-frame body, the rest of the camera is pretty much . . . cheap.  11 AF points (only?), SD card slot (not CF?).  When the 7D and 5DMkII came out in 2009, 7D was called pro-sumer and the other one was considered Pro, simply because the 5DII had a full-frame sensor - but the 7D was more Pro in every other way.  I suppose this 6D, by virtue of a full-frame sensor, will be considered a Pro camera despite its other qualities being sub-pro.

Yovan's picture

For you guys who want to see 6D performance for video :