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The Queen

Nikon D7000 - 50mm
Light speed SB900 with Beauty Dish
Capture one 8
Adobe photoshop cc


Hello guys, another practice. C&C are most welcome.

Image Sources : Retouched Magazine
Post-Pro : Rajneesh Kushwaha


Modèle : Romane
Photographe :

Boitier : Fujifilm X-T1
Objectif : Fujifilm 56mm 1.2

CC for my Beauty Photography please!!!

Hello! I have been a photographer for many years now, in fact I am a second generation photographer and have a healthy love and respect for many types of photography. As of recent I have been trying to move more toward commercial, fashion & beauty with my career. Here are some recent images I created and retouched for my portfolio. I have...

First Beauty Post - Critique?

Hey guys, so this is my first intended run at a beauty image...

I wanted to get this bridal makeover up close for the makeup artist. This wasn't done in studio, rather against a gray wall at the wedding venue, lit by natural light. I would love some critiques that could hopefully help me get better bridal beauty shots in the future both...

Sand girl

Here's a photo of my daughter took at the beach. I don't know if it qualifies as a beauty photo...She is a beauty to me though! ;)
The hair left there over the right eye is absolutely intentional... I love natural! ;)
So I'm asking, to better that post processing while keeping the natural look, what more could I have done?

Songe d'automne

Modèle : Caroline
Photographe :

Boitier : Fujifilm XT-1
Objectif : Fujifilm 56mm 1.2

1 flash Cobre Yongnuo 560ex II

Flower-head :)

My first pictures of people in my mind was a Flower-head unfortunately I didn't know how to build a wreath of flowers and how to work in Post :D.

I practiced over 7 years in my passion to create my own Flower-head Portraits :)
Yesterday we put all our knowledge together and in my opinion we made some awesome stuff.


Hello Everyone, I am looking for feedback. I love beauty photography although it is very time consuming for me and unfortunately the market where I live no one pays for quality of this the type you need for a good beauty shot. I still want to improve my skills.

I have started using the Retouching panel of Retouching Academy. I have no...


Modèle : Chloé
Photographe & retouche :

Boitier : Fujifilm XT-1
Objectif : Fujfilm 56mm 1.2

New Growth

Photographer: Merik Goma
Model: Jen H.
MUA: Mallory Knox

Alien bees 800 throw a beauty dish
Another light (I forget the name some small brand) for the background, bare

Beautiful Kyra

Hey guys, first post in the group!

I don't do much Beauty shooting but I had one last week.
Didn't want to go too far with the Frequency separation. I hate the plastic look that can occur when its too much. What do you guys think?