How such frames can be more interesting?

Light house at Puduchery, India. Swivelled steps takes to the top for a good view of city and the sea.

About as Minimal as I Get

We went to see the Reading Phillies (AAA baseball) last night. This is the sidewalk by the handicapped parking, which I was really glad to be able to use but sorry I had to do so.

(Some) Colors of Berlin #1

This image shows a very minor part of the 'Bundeskanzleramt' in Berlin.

The original photo was taken last year and heavily edited almost half a year later. I used a more graphical approach by pushing colors a bit the a unnatural feel, but also tried to kept the overall balance and didn't pushed them to hard. I also simplified the shapes...

Heaven shines down

A look at a mid level storm, while flying at 35,000 feet from the seat of a plane as the sun's rays shine down on parts of Houston TX.

Dandelion water drop

Dandelion seed with a water drop on it.
this is my first attempt so I would be glad if you could give me some tips.

shot with a Pentax k-x and a Tamron 90mm and lit with a speed light.

comments welcome

Rubiks Cube (Creative Update)

I had completed my cube last night and it was just kinda sitting there looking all completed and what not, so I gave it a job.

Meet Model Cube. =)

*Adobe Illustrator Update-

Land of the Giants

Greetings internet.

Over the last few months I've been focusing more on abstract city photography. I'm planning on writing a longer post about that in the future, but in the meantime, I thought I would share one of my favorites of the year. I've been keeping my eyes open for more opportunities like this, and the results have been pretty...

Two Clouds held together by a Rainbow?

This photo isn't that good. I should have used a polarized filter on my camera. I just couldn't seem to get the whole thing in focus. Trying to focus on these clouds and rainbow was a task but it was vanishing quickly. This took place after a rogue storm. We seem to have a lot of those in TN.

Oil droplets

Oil droplets on water.
shot with a Pentax k-x and a Tamron 90mm macro.
any comments or critiques and tips are gladly received.

Orchidelirium 2018

I don't think I've posted abstracts yet.
Post inspired by Ruth's ink arts and Sandra's macro forests.

This was shot early 2018 (part of a series) for an interior designer to incorporate into a home make over. The home owner loved Orchids. At the time, I had grown tired of looking at these, so I decided to re-visit with a fresh eye...

Rust Never Sleeps

This afternoon I finally yielded to my wife's suggestion that I at least inspect what is shown here and see if there was any salvaging the assembly or should we replace it? Yes, it can be salvaged, although much of what you see needs to removed (did that) and be replaced (parts ordered.) Do you want to guess what it is? Most everyone I know has...

Minimalist and Experimental

Went out shopping today and decided to take the gear with me. I took quite a bit of photos, mostly from a moving vehicle. I went from being hot and sunny, to humid and rainy.

How about a little Up Lift?

I'm always tinkering with this process and it's been raining for days and days and days and....

So, the most recent tweak produced this cool volcanoes of ink strands where the colors didn't mix. How fun!

Feedback welcome.


Life.. isn't it as simple as it is complex?
The plant is grown in the balcony of the second floor apartment. The bokeh behind is from some compact disks my neighbor has hung, to scare off the doves...

Skynyrd Concert Rocks the Roof Off

One of my favorite bands had their farewell tour at the Arts Center. It was AWESOME! And the light show was pretty cool too! Here are some bright abstracts for a change (from me)

Feedback Welcome