ala Stieglitz "Equivalents"

I'm taking the holiday weekend off from posting the "Underfoot" series. This has nothing to do with anything. "Equivalents is was Stieglitz called his cloud pictures. I am not equating my work to his, but I've never understood quite what the big deal was beyond mastering the technical elements. I'm certain all that was much more difficult when...

Skynyrd Concert Rocks the Roof Off

One of my favorite bands had their farewell tour at the Arts Center. It was AWESOME! And the light show was pretty cool too! Here are some bright abstracts for a change (from me)

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About as Minimal as I Get

We went to see the Reading Phillies (AAA baseball) last night. This is the sidewalk by the handicapped parking, which I was really glad to be able to use but sorry I had to do so.

Simple Hearts

Inspired by Ruth & Joe - I pulled myself away from work in the garden to grab some shots while the light was good and certain flowers are at peak.

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Minimalist of a beach

I went this morning to the beach for the sunrise and there was well there was no sunrise because of a storm. but I got some nice shots of the sand and the water.

blue and yellow makes ....

blue and yellow apparently! fo-tik asked about using 2 colors in some of my inks and suggested blue and yellow would be nice. So, today was rainy and I love to shoot in the kitchen on rainy days. The funny part is that, no matter how I tried, these two colors did not want to blend!

Here is what i got - a tree and a mushroom I'm calling...

Palouse Hills

The Palouse area of Eastern Washington is made up of rolling wheat fields and big open skies. Evening light and a high vantage point allows photographers to capture these rolling hills in an abstract point of view. It's a very popular photography destination.

Irish Nature

This is my very first abstract. It was a long time ago but I still like it and visit it periodically. hence this morning's post!

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My concept of migraine colours. Way easier to explain a migraine this way. They occasionally make an entrance but I never forget their visit. Not sure when I will next post ... off to Vietnam for few weeks.


Life.. isn't it as simple as it is complex?
The plant is grown in the balcony of the second floor apartment. The bokeh behind is from some compact disks my neighbor has hung, to scare off the doves...

"Underfoot" day 10, #19 and #20

#19, Sidewalk Repair, Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, PA
#20, My foot, Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, PA

Those of you who have been playing the home game have probably noticed that about a third of these pictures were shot somewhere on Callowhill Street in Philadelphia. The reason for that is simply that my daughter lives in the...

What is minimalism?

So what is minimalism really? This is the remains of a dolmen style tomb taken on a foggy morning, would the group call this minimalism since it's pretty much one simple subject?

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