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Caught these at a tiny beach not far from my home the other day. It was a hazy day and the water wasn't giving me the...
Last: January 27, 2016

Eaglecrest in Juneau Alaska

Sorry for the low quality photo, but this was shot on Saturday at Eaglecrest Ski Area, here in Juneau Alaska. Looking...
Last: January 27, 2016

Boxing: December 19th Turning Stone Casino

A few photos from the HBO Boxing After Dark show at Turning Stone Casino in Verona NY. Comments appreciated.
Last: January 27, 2016

Red Bull Action Sports Photo Comp with $100,000 in prizes!

Is anyone entering images into the Red Bull Illume competition? Deadline is end of March... Looks pretty good with 11...
Last: January 10, 2016

CC, feedback, and rating this photo?

I had the chance to climb with my fellow staff at a rock climbing gym outdoors. We had an awesome time, and I was able...
Last: January 9, 2016


Shot of Henry Crailsliding the deep end. Any CC welcome.
Last: January 9, 2016

Snowboard Shot

Hey Guys, im new to Fstoppers and this group as well. Actually this job is now 1 year old. It was my first shoot with a...
Last: December 24, 2015

Rock Climbing Feedback and New to FStoppers

Hey guys, like the title says. A couple below, check the rest out here: newcombphotos.tk Thanks in Advance
Last: December 24, 2015

Have you some raw shot you love

Hello guys During my last kite surf shoot, I take a pic who is pretty ( not perfect ) in raw. I know my pic have some...
Last: December 23, 2015

Adventure Photography Group

Hey there! I just started a group for adventure photography, please check it out! I hope to include things in there...

Downhill Biking

Let me know what you guys think of this photo. I took it at at sunset but it was my first time testing out my new...
Last: December 12, 2015

sports landscape and postprocessing

hey guys! in the last year i got more and more fascinated by photography. itry to have my camera with me every time i...
Last: December 12, 2015

A shot from Green River, UT last weekend

I was out in Green River last weekend with some friends. Stoked about this photo, what do you guys think?
Last: December 12, 2015

Whitewater Paddling

Now working in the outdoor industry I have been able to go out with some of the rising stars in the whitewater...
Last: December 12, 2015

Photo from the Summer

Got a shot of my brother in the cattails this summer on his ATV. Personally like the overall green look, would love to...

Aggy's Rampage qualifying hipper.

I'm out here in Utah as a spectator for this years redbull rampage. This one was taken today during qualifying. Can't...
Last: October 19, 2015

Recent Skate Photos.

A couple of recent skateboarding photos. First two are digital (Canon 7d) Third was shot on Leica R8 on Ektar 100. I...
Last: October 8, 2015

Recent downhill images

I shot these in Telluride, CO last week. Hit the fall colors perfectly and golden hour took on a whole new meaning. I...

Herbie (#53)'s new life form

A panning shot of a Dodge Viper during the latest 24h of Le Mans. Used shutter speed is 1/30s.
Last: July 29, 2015


Here are some bmx photos I have taken. These were shot on a Canon 7d with just an 28-135mm Canon kit lens.
Last: July 1, 2015