Celebrity Photobombs Are The Photobombs You Can Only Wish For

Most photobombs we know are the ones of our drunk friend who walks in behind a group shot at a party, or of a random old lady who eats while walking when you take a selfie outside with your best friend. But what if Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm were the ones photobombing your shots? In one word - Awesomeness.

Earlier today Fallon and Hamm went up on the 'Top Of The Rock' observation deck (NYC), and photobombed tourists who went up to see the view of the city. Family/friends posed for a nice boring photo not knowing the two celebrities are goofing around behind them - and the results are just great.

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Jim Cunningham's picture

This is an article about what exactly?

Noam Galai's picture

Celebrity Photobombs ;)

Bob Bell's picture

Haha, quality! :)

Dave L's picture

Why is that great? Because it is a celebrity YOU like? To a lot of people it's just some douche who ruined their picture. This is the crap article we get after f/stopper puts out the self-love article about how long they've been around?

Henry Louey's picture

No one is forcing you to read fstoppers. Your free to leave anytime you like

Dave L's picture

good point. from now on I will photobomb eveyone I see taking a picture, and if they don't like it, they are free to never take pictures in public again

Noam Galai's picture

1. Not sure if you even watched the video where Jimmy explains the situation...
2. I can't think of any person who will oppose having a great photo with 2 of the biggest celebrities in the world.
3. It's just funny, no need to take it so seriously... breath.
4. Not sure what you wanted to say about me/us in the first comment... I guess... thank you ;)