Photographer Compares Two Canon Pro DSLRs: One From 2015, One From 1998

As recently as yesterday, we've seen all kinds of articles comparing various cameras' qualities to one another, pixel-peeping to see which one edges out the competition by a razor-thin margin. You can put your magnifying glass away, however, and trade it in for a beer as you sit back and watch a real comparison. Photographer Jim Goldstein took the pleasure of comparing two of Canon's top-of-the-line DSLRs from different time periods: the 5DS R and the Canon D2000.

Nope, that's not a typo. And no, the D2000 is not an unreleased Nikon camera. In fact, the D2000 is one of the first Canon DSLRs made (although it's barely fair to call a re-skinned Kodak DSC 520 a Canon). As with just about all of the early DSLRs, this one features an APS-C CCD sensor. But maybe it's low-light shooting capabilities can be saved by the fact that its mere two million pixels must be huge light-gathering sources.

Either way, this is a testament to just how far we've come. And no matter what, you have to stay until the low-light test. Goldstein's delivery is to die for. Spoiler alert: the 5DS R does somehow manage to beat the D2000 in resolution, as well as in a few other minor tests. But can you play Pong on the 5DS R? I think not, my friends.

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jon snow's picture

Besides iso and noise I still love and use my eos 1ds 11 mp body. Its probably the model after that d200.

Lucia Gulick's picture

Looking at the D2000, it's hard to believe my F100's only a year younger-- it makes me feel like I'm carrying around something sleek & shiny by comparison! :)

michael buehrle's picture

i still occasionally use my nikon D1x. that is if the batteries are charged (if you have one you know what i mean). sure it has a small sensor but it still takes great pics and with it's blinding 3 fps i never miss anything.

Ken Kotch's picture

really burning through those 1gb microdrives.
When I finally got rid of my d1x I sold it with all 14 batteries I had. That would get me a solid day if it wasn't too cold out.

michael buehrle's picture

i only have 4 batteries for mine. you know. awesome.

Justin Haugen's picture

17 years, still have shitty dynamic range >_<

Henry Louey's picture

Damn. You bet me too it!! :(

Justin Haugen's picture

Whoever gave me a thumbs down is in denial. I have been shooting Canon digital bodies for ten years and the poor sensor performance finally drove me to Nikon for that Sony sensor goodness. The difference is remarkable.

michael buehrle's picture

you get a thumbs up just for coming to Nikon.

Rex Larsen's picture

Be sure to let Greg Heisler know about the "shitty dynamic range" :-)