Remember that "Constructive" Photo Critique You Made? This is How You Sound

When reading comment sections on photography blogs or on photography groups, I often get the feeling people always think they are better than everyone else. People go on rants with heinously bad comments about photos they don't like and degrade anyone who is creating art that they might not even understand. Many times photographers feel like they give constructive criticism when the opposite is often more true.

When I watched this video it reminded me pretty much any comment section on the internet. Rants like this are something that have become very common on the internet (always easier to say nasty stuff behind the keyboard and not face to face), but when you see it like this in real life, you understand how absurd it can sound. Watch this video and any time you're about to write a comment about a photo, about a photographer or about a project. Remember: you don't want to be that person.

Be nice to others, even if it's from behind the keyboard.

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get a haircut.

Man I wished I was amused by this... erm... dude slash woman? But it's actually quite sad to watch and in a depressing kind of way very intimate. All I can hear is his/her self-hate, dispair, resignation, failure in life and anger at everyone around her. I can't help it, I wish her closure and peace.

Mike Kelley's picture

My thoughts exactly. What a miserable existence.

Completely agree. This is a person yelling at a convenient target about their own disappointment in themselves. Just sad. Now that I think about it all too common in the internet message boards too.

is it or isn't it??? Only the bra knows!

Based on the comments I read on these fstoppers posts, I've come to the conclusion that fstoppers readers must be top notch professionals who have absolutely perfected their craft and have nothing to learn from anyone or any of these fine articles that you post.

This is a prime example of someone who has never had their ass beat for being a crappy human. It only needs to happen once. =P I wonder what sparked this vicious verbal attack though. Maybe He/She/It asked nicely if he could play softer or something and the guy was mean to Her/Him/thingie.

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Yeah, I was wondering too how this all came about. The irony is that the ranter is going off about how the musician is ruining the atmosphere of the place with his music, but has no idea that his rantings are even worse.

[ . ]

Why is Danny Devito so angry?

He sounds like something came out of a Woody Allen movie.

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Funny video, but a good message from you Noam. Cheers.

Might be worth putting NSFW in the title ;)

NSFW usually refers to visual nudity or violence not language. Just put headphones on.

"Usually", but it would be a nice thing to warn people. Also, NSFK or *Language*. Just saying.

Stop being so PG-13 all the time.

TV shows have a rating system that shows before a program and every time it comes back from commercial...parents still complain. If NSFW was in the title, there would be people complaining that it's not NSFW. No one wins ever in these sorts of things.

some people don't want to hear the language, headphones won't help with that

So just quite life if everything is a problem

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So I have to be more rational than the psycho in this video? Got it!

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I think someone needs a Snickers

LOL!! "You get a little self-righteous when you're hungry."

I feel like a lot of people that post destructive comments, really have a problem with the photo they see but they don't know what it is exactly. Or they don't know how to express it. So they just do what they do and be destructive. Maybe a lot of people just need some more education on photography. And some teaching about social behavior...

Wow... yeah, I've come across some people who are like that... SMH.

Wow! I can't believe anyone would talk to another human being like that, but it is so true that this is exactly what happens in many photography forums. Sad but true.

Nice & truthful comment Noam, thanks for sharing.

Someone forgot to take their medication! Pretty sad.

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