This Is a Truly Committed Photography Assistant

This Is a Truly Committed Photography Assistant

If you've ever assisted, you've probably done something that truly tested your commitment to getting the shot at some point. For this one, that meant the possibility of being turned into a human tumbleweed.

The Profoto B1 and 2' Octa Softbox are an awesome on-location portrait combination, but I imagine this assistant was wishing the softbox had a bit less surface area in the midst of attempting to get this shot. After nearly being blown away, he manages not only to hang on, but to get into place for a split-second, and luckily, the photographer and model were ready too. It's some impressive timing by all three involved. 

Verlinke einen harten Fotografen 😂 Model: Phillip Becker Fotografen: Michael Fertig & Phil Schreyer

Posted by Flash Bros on Thursday, January 12, 2017

I have to say that I'm also rather impressed by the Profoto's build quality, as I'm quite sure that wind would have destroyed many other modifiers. Let's just be glad they didn't opt for the seven-foot umbrella on this shoot. I hope the first round was on the photographer.

Do you have any crazy stories of your time as an assistant? Share them in the comments!

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i really love assisting and do so on a regular basis to two photographer friends, i showed my dedication on several occasions, one shielding the camera in what seemed like a gale force snow storm half way up a mountain side shooting a new 4 x 4 vehicle and in a studio shoot the model had her baby with her so i looked after him and got puked on, all in a days work as an assistant

No mention of 'M'?

James I've told you we don't mention that ever again ;-)

That needs to be an ad for that flash speedring and softbox. Can't believe it stayed together.

This is great! HA!

Imagine taking the picture without TTL.

" After nearly being blown away, he manages not only to hang on, but to get into place for a split-second, and luckily, the photographer and model were ready too. It's some impressive timing by all three involved. "
I think i have to disagree with this line. Notice the model's hands are not in the hood pocket in the video, and in the photo they are inside the pocket.. :P

Good catch!

I don't know how "crazy" this is, but I was once sent back to the church we were shooting at a while before to claim some gear the photographer forgot. Round trip and trying to regain entrance to the church took me just under 45 minutes in all. I called and texted the lead photographer to both tell him I retrieved his stuff and ask where he wanted me next. He told me to continue shooting the groom and the fellas getting ready, and when done go find out where the "gazebo" was that he just heard about and if it might be a good location for some bride/groom portraits. I asked the wedding planner and she pointed me in the right direction where she was almost positive it was, and added that she wasn't sure if anybody used it anymore though... It wasn't that easy to find, but eventually I found it, sort of far I saw it and kept walking closer to it, getting closer I noticed the white paint was sort of dull and coming off, so I walked right up to it... I immediately figured he wouldn't like it due to the poor upkeep (weeds around, poor paint, etc), but for some reason I just kept going to the back of it, mostly to see if the view was usable I guess, and then BAM... There was a couple around the back of the gazebo having sex. They were standing up, so it wasn't like a mad rush for them to cover up or anything, but we all pretty much saw each other at the same time and I just immediately turned around and marched out...

Pretty sure this wouldn't have been that big of a deal if the assistant had his back to the wind, one hand on the light and the other on the modifier. Pulling instead of pushing. Simple physics.

Trying to hold a 4'x6' reflector steady under similar circumstances until my arm muscles were screaming. Yeah, been there, done that.

I can't help laughing.....watching the video

Hope a guy called Ett Venter sees this after a post he had quite a while ago on his website of Profoto being bad build quality

I, literally, laughed out loud watching that video! THAT was a dedicated assistant!