A Focused Tutorial on Sharpening Landscape Photographs

How essential is sharpening to your editing workflow? Do you actually know how the sharpening sliders work?

Whatever you may be shooting, many of the factors that make your photos sharp depend on the camera you use and how you use it. Sharpening is a crucial step in post-processing and should never be taken lightly, especially if you plan on printing your photo in large sizes. 

Coming to you from landscape photographer Marvin Grey, this video talks about the purpose of the sliders in Lightroom's detail section. In the video, Grey talks about the important factors in making sure that your photos are sharp from the moment of exposure and the importance of knowing the effects of every adjustment you make in sharpening in any editing software. 

Later in the video, Grey moves on to comparing sharpening workflows across editing software using Photoshop, Lightroom, Luminar 4, and Topaz Sharpen AI. The video is a comparison of the different workflows for sharpening your images across the different editing software and how your preferences might help you lean towards one over the others. In the end, what's important is repeatedly watching over the adjustment you make to avoid botching a great image by overdoing the sharpening. Knowing what a minute adjustment on each slider does can definitely give you more control over the quality of your output. 

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