Radiant Imaging Labs Updates Its Software With Innovative Portrait and Color Style Tools

Radiant Imaging Labs Updates Its Software With Innovative Portrait and Color Style Tools

I've looked at previous version of the Radiant Imaging software, which focused mostly on landscape images. This latest version, Radiant Photo 1.3, offers new portrait tools that focus on natural skin tones and Color Style tools that should simplify the editing process. It's a free update for all Radiant Photo customers.

What's New?

According to the company, the new subject-aware Portrait tools feature 10-level skin tone detection, as well as depth and automatic color cast corrections, providing users with unprecedented control over balancing their subjects' lighting and color representation. Simultaneously, the Color Style tools offer selective color manipulation, enabling precise adjustments for better colors or more creative options for all photographers.

Elia Locardi, professional photographer and CEO of Radiant Imaging Labs says:

Photographs are more than just images; they are the everlasting stories of our lives, capturing the precious moments we cherish deeply. In these stories, we all yearn to show the brightest versions of ourselves.
At the heart of this narrative is the portrayal of our skin tones, a profound element that tells the story of who we are in hues that resonate with our innermost selves. With our newest Portrait tools,
we've dedicated ourselves to ensuring that every individual shines in their photographs, their skin radiating with genuine, natural beauty. Throughout the development of these tools, our vision is to reveal the genuine, untouched beauty that resides within each of us, moving away from the realm of excessive editing and artificial changes.

The new color tools won't just be of interest to portrait photographers. With the new Selective Color tool, photographers can target and manipulate specific colors with precision, adjusting hue, saturation, luminance, range, and feather for customized effects. Split Color Warmth divides photos into warm and cool zones, allowing users to emphasize color differences and create stunning split-tone effects, but for color. Or you can warm up areas that are too cold to create a better color balance.

These new tools can be used in conjunction with Radiant Photo’s other Color Grading options, applying LOOKs or adding a Graduated Filter effect shaping the light and controlling the focal point in an image.

Getting Radiant Photo

As mentioned, it's a free update if you have the software now. 

Radiant Photo runs as standalone software on Windows and macOS. Radiant Photo is performance optimized for ARM processors which are used in Apple’s M1 and M2 computers. It can also be used as a native plugin inside Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom Classic, and Corel PaintShop Pro.

The software includes a six-month Buyer Protection: No matter when you buy, you will always receive six months of update assurance for your purchased product. While most software companies only offer this level of buyer protection for 15 or 30 days for purchased products, you will get the full updates for free for six months no matter what. Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee in place, so every customer has 30 days to try everything out and decide if they want to keep using Radiant Photo or not.

Radiant Photo is priced at $159 / €169 / £159. This includes both the standalone version of the software and the plugins.

A free trial version that runs for 30 days without any limitations on features is available from Radiant Imaging Labs.

We haven't reviewed the software but will when we are able to spend more time with it and put it through its paces. 

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Nice! I've used Radiant for the past 6 months and have been quite happy with it. I'm glad to see them continually updating it.