Create Your Own Versions of Famous Instagram Styles in Photoshop

Love it, or hate it, image stylization can be an incredibly powerful way to distinguish yourself from other photographers and users of social media. With the rise of Instagram came the rise of popular looks and options for styling your images, this video is all about how to create your own looks using Adobe Photoshop. Maybe you found a particular style by another photographer that you want to emulate, maybe you are frustrated because the presets you bought just don't fit well with the images you shoot, or maybe you are simply looking for a way to branch out with your own work. Lucky for you, Serge Ramelli has this covered for you in his latest Photoshop and Lightroom tutorial.

Creating a look, or style, or preset, or whatever else you want to call it is relatively simple. Well, at least the mechanics of creating a preset are simple. Creating a style is more than just arbitrary adjusting of sliders within Photoshop, Lightroom, Camera Raw, Capture One, Photo Director, or any other choice of software out there. A style is selecting, with purpose, what stands out in an image. Making a conscious decision to mute some colors, or to further saturate other colors, is one of the more popular ways to begin creating such a style. One of the things that I liked about this video is that Ramelli gives us preset files, available for download, so as to have a baseline with which to start our experimenting. So check it out, have some fun with creating something uniquely yours, and keep up the creativity!

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Adriano Brigante's picture

Recreate "famous Instagram styles"? Oh, dear God, why? So we an have even more of that orange and teal garbage? The horror, the horror...

Chad D's picture

yeah distinguish you in the way you go OH guy sucks has to filter crap to try to think its Ok so if that is the distinguish you want go for it

fstoppers is for sure going the way of cell phone snapsters and away from professional level info more and more :) hahahahahhaha

yanpekar's picture

Why?? Looks like today the importance is shifted to "how to become a better instagrammer" rather than "how to create better photos". Shame.