Lightroom Tips for Beginners

Lightroom is much more than just a way to organize and cull your images. If you are new to Lightroom, or even if you have not looked into all the capabilities it has to offer, this video will guide you through easy tips to create more powerful images.  

Evan Ranft has compiled some of the best tricks in Lightroom that are helpful tips to beginners new to the program. The video contains 14 tips with a trick at the end involving spot removal to speed up cloning out unwanted pieces of the image. Using keyboard shortcuts, lines can be created to clone versus having to click on each individual spot. The transform tool is one of the easiest to use to change the perspective and create a more powerful image when dealing with vertical lines.

Ranft explains keyboard shortcuts to minimize the need to use your sliders which will speed up your workflow. He also includes how to set up your panels for more efficient and precise movement on your adjustments. A simple background color change will help enhance your viewing. 

So whether you are a beginner to the program or just need to explore a few new tricks to your workflow, Randt explains it all. 

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