[BTS Video] Abandoned State Mental Hospital Shoot

Photographer, Michael J Moore was granted access to a creepy and abandoned state mental hospital for this fashion shoot. He used a combination of lighting setups but mainly, the Phase One 645DF camera with a Profoto 8A 2400W and various Profoto strobes. With all three different lighting set ups, Michael did a great job at capturing that Vanity Fair-esque look that we all know so well.

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Sander van der Veen's picture

He has such beautiful natural light, then he shoots it all flat. What a shame... 
The outcome is less then I hoped for... 

Stefan Schaal's picture

 I totally agree...

I was expecting to see a balance of ambient and flash but he over-powered each room with his own light which could've been done anywhere else.

Michael Moore's picture

Thanks for the honest opinions - respectfully disagree.