How a Videographer Shot a Short Film on His iPhone For a Film Festival

Moment is a company who makes lenses for iPhones. They recently introduced their Anamorphic lens, and started a festival where some videographers got the opportunity to shoot whatever they wanted to. JR Alli made Disconnected on his iPhone, and this video shows how he did it. 

Moment have make some great lenses for the smartphones market. You can get a wide lens, without distortion, a macro lens and a telephoto lens. You can also attach filters to the lens with their adapters, so you can shoot at a lower frame rate to get your footage looking as cinematic as possible. The Anamorphic lens is being released to the public in October if all goes according to plan, and it gives the shooter the ability to capture a wide frame, with beautiful lens flares and a cinematic aspect ratio. To see what JR Alli was able to capture, here is his video:

The video shows how they were chasing light for blue hour, how they set up their green screen in order to create the opening shot of the film, and what it takes to do this for the first time, with a friend, and without the resources of a studio, crew or gear one would expect to shoot something like this with. 

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John Pyle's picture

It’s about what I expected.

Robert Sakowski's picture

Great job! And I love the "fall-shot" (and the making of XD)

Spy Black's picture

It's a nice piece of work I think. Really it's not so much an iPhone piece as it is a good example of good pre-production, production, and especially post-production, even for the limitations perceived of talent and ability when actually doing it.

This is a good example however of what you can do with decent modern-day gear and readily available post production tools, both free (like DaVinci Resolve) and not (like you-know-who).