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Artlist Releases Full Version of Website - Music for Commercial Licensing

Last year I told you all about a new commercial music site that was just starting up in beta version. As with all beta sites, there were a few things that customers wanted changed. Artlist.io listened, and has completely rebuilt the site from our requests to release the full version. Check out all of the great new features this subscription based music website has to offer!

Fstoppers has used quite a few songs from Artlist for our tutorials and YouTube videos, and the process couldn't be easier. If this site is new to you, then you're in for a treat. Artlist is a music site for commercial licensing, similar to sites like Premium Beat and Audio Jungle, but the best part, subscription is $199 a year — for unlimited downloads.

Yeah, I know, too good to be true right? But no, there's no catch! And with the updates to the completely rebuilt site, finding the music you need just got easier and faster too. They've added over 650 new songs, curated categories, and free preview downloads, plus so much more. But my favorite new updates are the duration filter and search by genre. If you work in the commercial world, 30 second tracks are life savers. No need to try and be a music editor on top of matching cuts! Now you can search by duration and genre to make sure the music really works for your client.

Overall I'm really impressed by the updates the guys at Artlist made. You can tell they've really been listening, and have put lots of work into the site. Be sure and check it out, and really, can you beat the subscription for unlimited downloads?

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Chelsey Rogers is a commercial video editor. She's done work for Walmart, Hallmark, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

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I will say so much easier than SoundCloud. Though wish there was an option of just buying individual songs for use and not a yearly plan.

I agree, paying for each track is best for me too. Worth looking at https://musicvine.net which is a fantastic new site, quality is hard to beat.

Also check out Soundstripe. They've been playing this game for a while now.


I have been using this for a few months..pretty satisfied

One portion of my business is wedding films and using this site for the last 6 months has significantly decreased the cost for licensing music without sacrificing for quality scores. Instead of paying $50/score for my films, having a resource to use as many times as I want for only $200/year is a steal.

Wouldn't be surprised if the cost increases the more popular it becomes. For now, this is definitely worth investing in.

Exactly, this site would be perfect for you! Who wants all their videos to have the same song?!

Sounds interesting, although I'm not sure I would need to use it that often. I've used Audio Network before, where prices range from $14 a track (amateur video on youtube etc) up to $79 a track for professional use. I guess if you were a pro, then $199 would pay for itself very quickly

It really does add up fast, I mean for the same price as the subscription, for commercial licensing, I could only buy four songs. But Artlist is UNLIMITED! It's a steal!

soundscapemedia.com has a similar subscription rate and much more and better music. Also the option to license on a per track basis.

Thanks, Chelsey. It can be hard sourcing royalty-free music, I am not a fan of subscription services for a number of reasons. I use sites like https://premiumbeat.com as a great non-subscription model for Pop tracks, but when I want something more interesting I look at https://pyramidtracks.com . There a great new Swedish site I started to use, they focus on more obscure, retro and less generic stock music. #my2cents