Greenpeace Through The Lens: Photographer Pierre Gleizes

In 2011, Greenpeace - the world's largest environmental campaigning organization - celebrates its 40th anniversary. French photographer Pierre Gleizes has shot some of the organization's best known photographs over the three decades he has worked for Greenpeace. Some of these pictures have truly changed the way we look at our planet and the environment.

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Great work guys!

Carlo Parducho's picture

Very moving. Thanks for posting this. One of the best videos I've seen.

Cool video, to bad its about a self-righteous terrorist organization.

Amazing work.

That is some pretty powerful footage !! :D

Great little documentary. I wish I could've found out more about the photographer, but it does its job in that it makes me care about Greenpeace.

Right on Levy.......I agree.

Amazing Pictures, Great Work Pierre.