BTS of an Insane Photoshoot with Rock Climbers

Warning, this video may give you a little bit of vertigo. Stijn Van Hulle posted this BTS video of him photographing rock climbers in Freyr, Belgium. The images were shot to compliment a new guidebook for Freyr - "the most important climbing area in Belgium." It's a harrowing job to be sure, but the payoff is breathtaking - a gorgeous landscape overlooking a castle that dates back to 1378.

Particularly interesting is his rig for getting that extra distance off the slide of the cliff. Ladders are most commonly used, but Stijn's A-frame rig seems to get the job done with a bit more stability. In the beginning of the video, he says he is setting out to "capture the sensations of rock climbing in a single image." I'd say he's come close enough for me.

View more of Stijn Van Hulle's climbing work here and here.

Via Reddit

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Duke Pham's picture

Amazing work

DEFC's picture

damn... that was awesome. you are crazy!..

bollox's picture

what was insane about that ? Nothing.
It's nice work, but nothing insane or spectacular about it.

Erik van Rossum's picture

My, that was nice to see. I use to climb there many times in the past. Great work!

Guest's picture

It is basically the only climbing spot in Belgium :)