(Graphic) National Geographic Live! : Photographing Africa's Wildest Beasts

Photographer Michael "Nick" Nichols is a National Geographic veteran and one of the best wildlife photographers working today. In this episode of National Geographic Live!, his imagery and stories about Africa's elephants and lions will both break and warm your heart. In his own words, Nichols tells his stories behind the already fantastic magazine stories - ranging from the disgusting aftermath of ivory poachers to the cute and cuddly playfulness of lion cubs - in hopes of raising awareness to protect them from the threat of extinction.

Check out National Geographic Live! on their Youtube channel for more amazing videos like this.

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Michael Young's picture

This broke my heart :(. Beautiful photos, but the story is sooo sad.

Natalie Krovetz's picture

I have been fortunate enough to hear Mike Nichols speak several times - most recently at the Look3 Festival of the Photograph. An amazing experience. He is a great speaker and does great things with his photography. Many of the stories are heart wrenching, but there are uplifting ones as well. I highly recommend going to a presentation if you have the opportunity. Inspiring.

clair estelle's picture

such amazing photography!