Huge DIY Camera That Shoots On X-Ray Film

Darren Samuelson created a "great big camera." Although it isn't quite as big as another camera we have featured on FS, it is still just as interesting. Darren's camera shoots on 14x36inch X-Ray negative film.

Darren's Great Big Camera from SULTAN on Vimeo.

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 I love the quality of the final images. Wow, what a labor of love.

Great video, wow things are interesting lately more than ever around here! :)

gp's picture

This is impressive, this is what photography is all about, to creat new things and new images that others haven't done before.  

I'd love to whip this bad boy out in a few places myself :D

Think about when non-photographers say your camera body is so big..."You ain't seen nothing yet!".

It would be quite useless shooting sports, but it could stir up the pack a bit at a stadium.

Weddings would be a prime place to start assembling this thing to take a shot in a church.

So many possibilities to freak people out with this thing :)