[Video] Fstoppers Original: The Tree Spirit Project, Nudes In Nature

[Video] Fstoppers Original:  The Tree Spirit Project, Nudes In Nature

A week ago today, a friend of mine introduced me to environmental art photographer Jack Gescheidt. Minutes after talking with Jack about his Tree Spirit Project I knew I had to share his work with the Fstoppers community. Jack's photographs are unlike anything I've ever seen; yet even while they appear rather innocent, they still somehow strike up a bit of controversy. In a nutshell, the Tree Spirit Project is as much about bringing attention to ecological injustice as much as it is about evoking an almost spiritual experience for Jack and those posing in the photographs (yes he has posed in his own images). By allowing both groups and individuals to pose naked on and around trees that are involved in political and ecological debate, Jack has not only found a way to create amazing art but also unite communities together who value their natural surroundings. Recently Jack was in Charleston, South Carolina where he caused a huge media frenzy as he posed more than a dozen people naked around the Angel Oak (claimed to be the oldest living thing east of the Mississippi). Check out Jack Gescheidt's story and a few images below. NOTE: while Jack's work doesn't always contain full frontal nudity, it still might be Not Safe For Work. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did and click here for many more photos of Jack's amazing work.

Update:  Jack is turning this project into a beautiful art book. You can help sponsor The Tree Spirit Project through this Kickstarter Campaign.  

Written by Patrick Hall. Patrick Hall is the cofounder of Fstoppers.com and a wedding photographer in Charleston, South Carolina

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Patrick Hall is a founder of Fstoppers.com and a photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

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Really interesting project, would love to try it out.. But i can imagen it would be hard to get many people to do this.. 

Trust is always the key for a photographer may it be portraits, weddings or what not. very inspiring. love the post Patrick!

Opinions on nudity aside, such a sense of dignity, respect and utter professionalism throughout. Takes the blush out of the controversy.

Really!?  .... the trees alone would make interesting images, really....

I am going out on a limb and saying this is ridiculous!!

I love his reasoning for nudity and that he doesn't come even close to sexuality like most do.

Very cool video and definitely a good dose of inspiration. Thanks for putting something a little bit different together.

By the way, anyone else notice that Jack has heterochromia (two different colored eyes)? I guess you could say that he really does see different ;-)

Thanks, we try to mix it up a bit with our originals.  We have an amazing one being filmed after Thanksgiving.

It's funny how many people noticed Jack's eyes from this small video.  I didn't notice it until our interview was almost over and then completely forgot while editing this.  You guys have great....eyes!

I didn't notice the eyes, but the spider was a nice touch!

spider?  Even I'm not noticing all these details

Beautiful video. What a wonderful person and his work is inspiring. Love his advice near the end. The fstopper originals get better each time. 

Another great video. Patrick do you do all the editing?

Lee and I trade out between videos.  This one was mainly my project; unfortunately I am doing all the editing....need to find an editor :)

Patrick your editing skills are awesome! Don't let anyone else do it for you! Your original series is done very well!

Can I ask how you lite the interview? He was strongly backlite from the sun so I am guessing you added some lights for him?

All natural light my friend. We put Jack on a walking path where the open blue sky in front of him acted as a huge soft key light and the sun behind him acted as a rim. This is a simple "2 light" setup you can often do when you don't have any artificial light for your key. Never forget the open sky opposite the setting sun is super soft and usually super bright

I think Patrick is so good at editing that he should do them all from now on. 

The editing in all your videos is great. You guys remind me of Anton Lorimer, he is one of my new favorites. I don't think that many people now about him yet. http://vimeo.com/20111051

Wow, all natural lighting, you are good - I am not worthy (bowing like in Wayne's World).

Don't you think it's crazy that Nudity is a problem? Man, why are we so upset about ourself? 

sorry.... im usually not an asshole..... its been a hard year, I hope the next will be a little more promising......

"Shoot what you love, the rest will follow"
Exactly what I needed this morning. Great video and great humble photographer. Thanks.

Interesting photographer.

The love for the tree i own by years and years playing on them in my garden, working on them in acrobatic park, climbing them makes them absolutely one of the most beautiful subject to explore and climb. Thanks for the amazing interview. Posted and linked back to you in www.classecreativa.com, italian blog on creativity

Love his narrative.
Some photographers are hugely technical (myself included) and some are very arty and can be rather too arty-farty - but Jacks description is just a perfect mix of both for me. Honest too e.g. not afraid to admit using nudity for the shock/talkative value.
Nice video thanks.

 Great work guys! Compelling story and great production values.  I love the the movement he has without falling out of focus. What  f stop did you shoot out and whats lens did you use.

The frontal shot was a 17-50mm 2.8 and the side shot was a 70-200.2.8. Both shot at 2.8

Oh, the 17-55mm makes sense. Forgot how much larger DOF on wider lens...  You guys rock. Let me know if you ever need any help - love to give back.  

im sorry, but hes sitting on a wooden bench and talking about saving trees

hahah very true. He actually wanted to sit in a tree and we made him sit on the bench. 

yeah Michael Jackson already did the interview in the tree....and you saw how well that went

I am guessing he didn't get the okay to climb the tree? I know the angel oak tries to keep people off to not damage the huge limbs and moss growing... 

Where are these trees?!? They're amazing, and I love how the bodies wrap and blend with the curves.


I didn't notice the eyes, but the spider was a nice touch!