Karst Country: A Haunting Infrared Timelapse Of The Australian Countryside

Karst Country is a collaboration between artists Glen Ryan and Phil Ryan that has resulted in some absolutely surreal infrared imagery. This timelapse, shot with both RED Epic and Scarlet cameras at 4k resolution, is a joy to watch. I always find it so refreshing to see when new techniques are integrated into timelapse movies. For a few BTS images and some musings from the creators, be sure to check out their blog, which can be found here.

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Zach Sutton's picture

But but but...I already posted a short film today that was titled "The most beautiful short film you'll see today"

I didn't think you'd go off and challenge me two hours later.

Damn good.. any idea, how to get a 4K video to watch?

I can't get over how beautiful the colds look in IR... wow!

my eyes liked it but my ears not so much......

Is there a way to achieve this color with white balance or something like that without infrared? I just got a rebel t2i and would love to try this effect. It's awesome!